RSO Crashing

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I'm having problems with my Robot Studio Online (5.8.3017.0) crashing on me and not being able to communicate with my robot controller.  It happens sometimes on a warm start when RSO is connected to the service port. When the controller starts up again I ocassionally get errors telling me that the controller is disconnected and/or there is no controller found at IP (the IP of my controller).  It also sometimes happens on an "Apply Changes". When it happens the only way to recover (that I have found so far) is to reboot my laptop that is connected to the controller. This becomes a hassle when it happens multiple times a day. I've tried warm starting the controller, closing and reopening RSO on my laptop, unplugging and replugging in the LAN cable none of which seem to fix my problem. Has anyone else experienced this?? Is there any way to recover from it other that rebooting my laptop?? Is it a RSO, Windows or Robot Controller problem??

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  • Henrik Berlin
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    I would recommend you to upgrade to RSO 5.09.01. I know that quite a few bugs were fixed in that release so please try that. RSO is backwards compatible which means that later releases of RSO works with earlier versions of RW, i.e. RSO 5.09.01 works also with RW 5.08.03. If that don't help I suggest you to get in touch with ABB support.

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    Henrik Berlin
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