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If a module such as *.sys has locked locked by the noview attribute set, how can I read or modify that module? Or no way to modify?

BTW, what is the noview attribute? where can I set the option or reset that option?

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  • RussD

    NOVIEW is one of several attributes that can be added to the declaration of a module that change its behavior as described below:
    SYSMODULE .. is a system module, otherwise a task module
    NOVIEW .. (it's source code) cannot be viewed (only executed)
    NOSTEPIN .. cannot be entered during stepwise execution
    VIEWONLY .. cannot be modified.
    READONLY .. cannot be modified, but the attribute can be removed.
    I can't help you with ProgramMaker, but if the module you are trying to see is unencrypted, you can open it in a text editor and remove the NOVIEW attribute from the declaration, then P-Start or I-Start your system to reload it so that it is viewable.
    The purpose of NOVIEW is to prevent users from accessing and modifying code that you want to protect. It is often used in conjunction with encryption to protect proprietarty code.
    Russell Drown