Pointers (memory addresses)

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I would like to know if I can use pointers in RAPID, I'm using the RW5.09 and IRC5 multimove independent.

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  • Henrik Berlin
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    Hi Joan,

    To my knowledge, memory pointers cannot be used in RAPID.

    However, there is a feature called "late binding" that allows RAPID procedures to be loaded in runtime. From the RAPID Reference Manual - Overview, section "22.5 Procedure call"

     The procedure name may either be statically specified by using an identifier (early binding) or evaluated during runtime from a string type expression (late binding). Even though early binding should be considered to be the "normal" procedure call form, late binding sometimes provides very efficient and compact code. Late binding is defined by putting percent signs before and after the string that denotes the name of the procedure.

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    Henrik Berlin2007-8-20 8:21:5
    Henrik Berlin
  • OK, Thank you very much for your feedback.  We will have to stuck with the traditional programming then...