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i have to test for a given installation what sort of Robot i will need. Therefore i bougth RS. But now i've the problem, that i can't change the robot which i took by opening a new station. I can insert new robots, but not change the initial Robot.

1. Is there a possibility to change or do i have to do the work for every configuration?
2. If i insert a second robot, how can i access the control for starting a program? (if I change to Programming i only see the initial robot...)

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Marcel Burch


  • Henrik Berlin
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    Hi Marcel,<?:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

    When you have a station opened in RobotStudio, there is a function "Add system" available in the Controller drop-down menu. That will allow you to add another system.

    Data from the first system can be reused in the following way (assuming you created a program for the first system):

    1. Expand the 'old' system in the Elements browser to make the task(s) visible.
    2. Right-click on the task "T_ROB1" to view the context menu for the task
    3. Select the command "Copy task data" of the context menu. Be sure to select the task of the 'new' system in the sub-menu.

    Now, you have two systems with the same program. There are two ways to start a simulation:

    1.      You can use the "Simulation Play" button. This is the button to use if you want to simulate cycle time accurately, or you have several systems you want to include in the simulation, or you have added events, actions, I/Os or custom kinematics such as grippers to your station. To select which system to include in the simulation execution you need to use the "Setup Simulation" dialog of the Simulation menu to check-mark the systems and task you want to include in the simulation.

    2.      The second way to execute the program is to use the "Program Editor Play" that starts program execution for the system that owns the module opened in the program editor. This command is available from the Program Editor toolbar that becomes visible when you have opened a RAPID module in the program editor. The "Program Editor Play" only starts program execution for one system and is equivalent to starting the program execution from the Virtual FlexPendant.

    Both alternatives requires you to synchronize your created program to the VC first.

    In order to make the graphics view show only one robot at the time, you can use the "Visible" property available on the robot node, in the "Objects" browser. Both systems are still part of the station though.

    When you want to remove a system from the station you can use the "Remove system" command that is available next to the "Add system" command, see above.
    : Ensure that you have copied or moved the data you want to keep to a task of another system before you remove the old one, otherwise the data will be lost. There is a warning but still. The "Remove system" command is not undoable.

    I hope this answered your question.

    Kind regards,

    Henrik Berlin2007-8-20 8:5:10
    Henrik Berlin
  • burch
    burch Switzerland
    Thx for the answer, it solved my problems.

    greetz Burch