Configure the compiler... can it be done?

Hello all,

After a while programming ABB robots and doing all  the program logic offline, I've seen tat I lose a lot of time each time I need to check the code.  Typical errors like missing the semicolon at the end, or one parenthesis somewhere make me to lose a lot of time as I must reload the implied module each time I see one error and correct it.  The fact is that the robot only shows me the first compiler error that has happened. 

It would be great to be able to see all of them at the same time, I understand that as a lot of compilers out there) there will be some errors that will be dependant on some others, but this is another story, the most interesting thing would be to be able to configure the maximum number of errors to be shown or something like that.

Do you know if this can be achieved?


  • RussD
    RussD United States
    For IRC5 you can save a few steps by using RobotStudioOnline to fix your syntax errors. You load the file once, and just keep fixing your errors in RSO until the file is syntactically correct.
    Russell Drown
  • Henrik Berlin
    Henrik Berlin Sweden ✭✭✭

    Hi Joan,

    Perhaps you are already aware of the Program Editor in RobotStudio 5.09. It contains some handy IntelliSense features that is supposed to aid you in writing programs. It also contains a watch window where you can monitor your RAPID variables during debugging. Advanced users have the possibility to create their own 'frequently used'  code snippets that can be easily inserted. In addition, you get information about the syntactical and semantical errors. Unfortunately, you get the errors one by one in the RobotStudio Program Editor as well, but at least there is no need for you to reload the module each time you encounter an error. Just correct the error, re-check the code, and go on with the next one until there are no errors left. Then you can transfer the error-free file to your real controller.

    Kind regards,

    Henrik Berlin
  • Thank you very much, I'll check for taht software, in order to be able to program offline.