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Problems in Mechanism Status, Linear



I have a problem with my RobotStudio 3.2 software... and i have tried to find anything already reported but couldn't find anything, so here is a post:

My problem is that i can't move the robot with the "linear"  function when i use the "Mechanism Status" function. I can't even check the Fine tune checkbox or mark the droplist with "World" pre-marked.

This occurs when i use robot model IRB6400_24_120. But not if i try the model IRB6400R_25_120, then it works fine.

And to be honest, the problem starts when i choose to start the Virtual Controller for the IRB6400_24_120, then it can't start at Controller software v3.2, i first have to "downgrade" to 3.1. After that the VC starts as it should (or perhaps not, since it's not 100% working ;-))

My problem is that I have to run a simulation for an irb6400 M94A customer, so i'd like to be able to start a robot as close to that as possible, that is I want a 6400/2.4 - 120 robot.

What can I do? Any suggestions? Is my 3.2 library corrupted, or at least that specific model?

All help is appreciated! image

Kind Regards,

IRBan2007-8-27 14:49:6


  • Henrik Berlin

    Hi Urban,

    It sounds as if your v32 system for IRB6400_24_120 is corrupt. I would recommend to create a new system for this variant. Proceed as follows:

    1. Import the robot library
    2. Select the robot and choose "Setup Controller..." from context menu
    3. Press "Change Controller". Please note that the default controller for this robot is v32 since v40 does not support this variant.
    4. Press "Create" to open the wizard.
    5. Enter name of system and select "v32" as the Program Revision to use
    6. Press "OK" to open the "Robot Properties" dialog
    7. Select the robot model you want to use and set the desired properties.
    8. Press OK to close
    9. Select the new system in the "Virtual robot browser" and press "Set current robot" and "Close"
    10. Now you are ready to "Start Controller"

    If this does not help I would recommend you to upgrade to RobotStudio 4.0 which may help solve the problem. I managed to start the system you refer to and also to jog the robot linearly using RobotStudio 4.0 and a v32 controller for the robot above.

    The reason for not being able to jog linearly using v31 is simply that "Inverse Kinematics" is only supported for v32 and onwards.

    Kind regards,



    Henrik Berlin