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Targets synchronization problems



I have a new (and totally unexpected :D) problem with my irb2400_m98 station (v21 controller).

The fact is that after creating the last targets and path, and synchronizing it to the VC, the robtargets declarations of the new targets doesn't appear. In fact, there's only a new declaration, that corresponds to one of the new targets, but it's named "NoName" instead of its actual one.

Furthermore, I've created some new targets after that, and included them in them same path, synchronize, and they're well declared.

So, as I'm pretty sure that I'm not fulfilling the robot memory (I have up to 20 targets, so so) I have no idea why that's happening. Maybe it's a problem of the targets' name? I've succesfully synchronized similar names, so I wouldn't say so...

Any suggestion would be helpful. Thanks in advance.

Victor - En essayant!!


  • Henrik Berlin


    This is a known problem that may appear. Please try the following VBA script that can be a workaround to fix the station again.

    Note: All of your targets will be renamed!!!

    Sub RenameInstances()

    Dim TargetInst As Target

    Dim TheLot As Targets

    Dim TargetName As String

    Dim tmpString As Variant

    Set TheLot = ActiveStation.Targets

    On Error GoTo errh

    'Re-rename ALL Target instances. This will actually name the Target definitions!

    For Each TargetInst In TheLot

    'Remove the ":<num>" from the original name

    TargetName = TargetInst.Name

    tmpString = Split(TargetName, ":")

    TargetName = tmpString(0)

    'Rename the Target...

    TargetInst.Name = "tmpTargetName"

    TargetInst.Name = TargetName

    Call ActiveStation.PrintLog("Log", TargetName & " Re-renamed!")

    Next TargetInst

    Exit Sub


    Call ActiveStation.PrintLog("Log", TargetName & " NOT Re-renamed!")

    End Sub

    Henrik Berlin2007-9-19 11:7:47
    Henrik Berlin