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I need an updated license key for program maker 4.5.  I received a message from SE_Software factory indicating ProgramMaker is no longer supported and (1) final upgrade was available.  I downloaded the upgrade and installed on my new laptop.  Then I sent in the required License Key Request Form.  This form was sent in several weeks ago and I have not received a valid license key.  My demo period has since expired and I need this key to continue using ProgramMaker.  I have several S4C+ robots and need to be able to support these systems indefinitely.
When I first purchased ProgramMaker 4.3, I purchased two license keys so that I could run the software on two computers.  Both computers have been replaced since that time and currently do not have access to the program.
Please advise.
Gray Fisher


  • Tonje

    Hi Gray.

    I noticed that the License ID in your request was not a valid one. You need to identify the correct License ID in your Request form for the automatic server to be able to recognize your order and generate a License Key File for you.

    Are you able to look for the correct License ID? Should be stated in the license Certificate document sent in the product box or stated on the CD case.

    Tonje Sandberg
    Service Training Coordinator
    ABB AB / Robotics Products