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How do I get exact position baseframe?


Could you help me please...

How do I get exact position baseframe on real robots?

Is it possible calculate baseframe from position TCP?

Have you got any practice methods??

Thanks for all answers G.image
georgeo2007-11-4 17:7:3


  • vulpes_h

    Are you using S4C+ or irc5 ?<?:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

    You are able to lokate a menchanicel parts "cordinate system"  related to the one robot (the Base Frame) to be able to do kordinated movements together ...

    Betwen Robot's there are a methot of pointing at 16 targets with  TCP's of the robots... at the same target to be able to calculate the displasement of one robot.(the controller will calculat it for you baste on robot modell)

    You have to set upp your robot an then go into the meny "Calibration" and there is a Window for "BASE FRAME" - calibration. Then u choose the robot you will use to measure "base frame" from.

    Or if it is a Track

    u have to set the track to move the base frame of the robot in the moc.cfg

    And then u move the robot on the track in + direction and point on the same fixt position to get the orientation an the zero point of the "track and robot"

    After a successful calibration u can set robot to move in the "base Frame" cordinate system in Jog-window and the activate the track . if u move the track now the tcp of the robot will bee maintain in World "robot TCP standing still in the room"

    If u have a turn table of a kind ..

    u calibrate it like a robot.(eccept it is 4 targets)/axis , move each axis in + direcktion    whitin 90 degrees.

    Then point out a "Work object"  that will be moved by the "turn table".

    After a successful calibration "robot TCP will be standing still in the "Work object" when moving the external axis.if "Work object" is activated.

    vulpes_h2007-11-4 19:53:37
  • I have got two static robots that will by cooperate.
    I use S4C+image.  where do I find these methods?? Are there any function in Rapid (calculates) or any settings Teach pendant? 

    Thanks for your helpimage

    georgeo2007-11-6 0:17:10
  • vulpes_h

    Hmm ... as long as it is one "Computer" controlling the robot it can be done in the controller....<?:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

    But in S4C+ then I can point out  the same workobjekt for the two robots. and then import this into Robotstudio .... and then match the workobjekts. to find the relation to the robots!

    Or use a number of robtargets ... pointing at he same place i space
    TCP to TCP.... and then import this into Robotstudio .... and then match the workobjekts. to find the relation to the robots!
    As long as you don't have a "super duper" configuration with one Computer I do not see the advantage with pointing out the base frame fore the two robots. eccept if you are going to do the program offline.


    vulpes_h2007-11-8 11:48:40