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Sample Backup Code [WebWare SDK]

Does anyone know of any sample code for making a backup of an IRC5 robot from within a WW SDK App?




  • Hi Sean,
    Althogh 85 people have viewed this posting there have been no responses? image
    Is there a way of backing up an irc5 using the webware sdk? image

  • Please read the following chapters in the manual:
    ABB Helper Control
    S4Backup Method
    Robot Controller File System Reference

    There is no difference in syntax between S4 and IRC5 backup. The only difference is if the Alias is an S4 alias or an IRC5 alias. To take a backup you use the S4Backup method of the helper object.

    helper.S4Backup(DirName As String, ResultSpec As Integer, ResultID As Long) As Integer

    VB6 Example:

    intReturn = Helper1.S4Backup("ram1disk:/myBackup", 3, lngResultID)

    When WWSDK was created it was only S4 that existed so most helper methods are named with a S4 prefix. When IRC5 was released those methods where expanded to support IRC5 as well, but the method name prefix remain. So from the WWSDK 4.0 release IRC5 has been supported as well. Note however that Interlink cannot guarantee forward compatability with future releases of RobotWare for IRC5. So every release of Interlink (WebWare) supports IRC5 up to the RobotWare release stated in the release notes.

  • Thanks very much John, I will give it a try, the help is appreciated image