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S4Start from "main" [WebWare SDK]

I have an IRC5 multimove system, and I am trying to remotely start all my tasks from main. To do this, I call S4Start with the "main" argument and the appropriate task ID number for the task I want to start. However, it appears that it only starts the first task when I do this. It is almost like the task ID number argument is not working correctly.

I can call S4Start with an empty program name "" and a task ID number and it works fine.

Any ideas?


  • Hi,


    we had similar problems some time ago and could't make it work. We solved the problem by defining system signals for starting the robots by digital I/O. Then, we write to these signals from our application. You can get more detailed information if you are not familiar to these techniques.

    In this case, please provide an email adress.



  • So after some testing, here is a more specific description of what is happening:

    I want to start all the tasks from main in my IRC5 controller using WebWare SDK. I can start tasks one at a time from "main" using S4Start without a problem. However, when one task is already running and I try to start another one, it gives me the Interlink Error -2106, which I think means "Procedure not found".

    This does not happen if I call S4Start with an empty procedure name. In that case, all the tasks start from where they are without problems.

    Any more ideas?


  • Also, I don't think I can use IO signals to start individual tasks. From what I have seen in the system parameter manual it looks like the system input for Start affects all the tasks. I will have to test this out though.
  • Hi again,

    yes, you are right. Starting by system signals starts all tasks. It seemed as if this was what you needed ... However, I think you will have to stop all tasks via a system signal, too.

  • You are correct, that does work to start all tasks from main. So I will do it that way for now. However, it seems like I should be able to do that with S4Start as well, maybe there is a bug.

    Thanks for your help!

  • I share your opinion that there might be a bug. But since when do you expect Interlink to work the way YOU want ? Or, by all means, to be free of bugs ? I apologize (?) for the irony ...

  • This is true. Now I have a problem where if I try to read a string array that contains a comma, it claims that the array data is corrupt. I don't think you have to apologize at all :-)