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WW Problem [WebWare Server]

Hi all, i have a problem that i hope someone might help me with, my predecessor upgraded the Webware Server/Client and Interlink from 4.6 to 4.7 just before he left the company, and now all the robots in the client are "unplugged".
The Interlink Collector seems to work properly but somehow the server is not reporting back to the client,
i have checked the firewall and successfully ping:ed the connection between collector and server, and there doesn't seem to be any problems there, could it be the devicelog files that i read about in another post?
I wish i could be more specific but i'm afraid that i havn't had too much time to learn about the program before my predecessor left.

Best Regards


  • Thomas J

    Make sure the alias are all the same names as before, including Data collectors - and check to see that the Webware Server Interface configuration is checked and configured properly at the data collectors. (Found in the DCU) tools menu-->Configure WebWare Server interface...
    The check box for Enable Webware Server Interface should be checked, a valid IP address that points to the server should be entered in the WebWare Server IP Address box, and below that you can view Webware server current connection status that displays the state of the address and status of the connection.
    Do just the robots show disconnected, or the data collectors also show disconnected?
    Hope this helps,
    Thomas H. Johnston
    PACs Application Engineer
  • Robban_S

    Hi again!

    Thanx for the fast reply, appreciate it!

    Yes, I have checked the DCU and the Webware Sever Interface check box is checked and the correct IP is entered but the Status is still showing "Disconnected". This is the thing that really bothers me. We have had this symptome before when we were switching Data Collector (from one PC to another) but that time it was the windows firewall which was blocking the connection. This I have checked now, both on the collector side and the server side and the windows firewall service is turned off on both.

    In the Webware client (in the browser interface) both the collector and all the robots are "unplugged".

    As to the aliases your were talking about, I'm not totally sure exactly what you mean. All the computers (collector and server) have the same network names as before if it was that you meant.

    As I see it all the robots reports correctly to the collector (according to the InterLink Monitor), but since the DCU is "Disconnected" from the server there's a problem somewhere.



  • PerSvensson

    Have you checked your DCOM settings

    Per Svensson
    Robotics and Vision Specialist
    Consat Engineering
  • Robban_S

    Yes, the DCOM settings seems to be ok. 

    I'm concidering reverting back to WW 4.6, but that's not really a good solution, i'd rather get 4.7 to work.