Problems starting any controller

sturner United Kingdom ✭✭


Justi installed robotstudio4 onto an IBM T61P laptop and cant seam to get any controller to start.

RS seems to hang and wont respond, when ending task, in task manager, a message stating that it was " waiting for a responce from me to continue"...

never seen this one before nor had this problem. Any idea?...

Many thanks

Simon Turner


  • AndersJ
    AndersJ Sweden mod

    Hi Simon,

    Do you have any other ABB software on you machine? (WebWare?)

    If so, then you need to re-register interlink as described in the manual or in release notes, page 3.

    Best regards,

    Anders Jahnberg 
    ABB Automation Technologies 

    Best regards,
    Anders Jahnberg
    ABB Robotics
  • sturner
    sturner United Kingdom ✭✭


    I think the problem is with the T61p laptop.

    The same RS4 CD was used to install product on other machines with no problems.

    The problem was corrected by unchecking the read only attribute to the virtual controller directories and sub directories, strange how we didnt have to do this on other machines as they are still read only and working fine?

    Many thanks

    Simon T

  • Hi,


    I am having the same problem on a Dell Inspirion 9400 running Windows XP Pro SP3. I just installed RS 4.0 and registered the license. I can open the station and import a robot but the controller will not start. No other ABB software is installed. You said that you unchecked read only for the virtual controller directories. Where are the directories located?


    Thank You.


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