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Absolute Accuracy


Is it possible to calculate the Absolute Accuracy (AbsAcc) with the robotstudio?

How is it made?, What is it needed?

Many Thanks,


Maria Jose


  • Hello mpolo,

    For Absolute Accuracy to work you'd need both a software component (Calibware for RS & BW) and a hardware component (like the Leicra).

    First a simulation is run by the simulation in RS creating a calibration of how a 'perfect' world looks like, then the real robot is hooked to a measuring system and the same program is run again to see the discrepancies between the 'perfect' world and reality, this is then accounted and balanced out in the calib file placed on the robot.

    This means that it is much easier to exchange programs from one robot to another (if both has absacc) or to replace the whole robot with a new one.

    Here is link to the robot options, there you can find a datasheet for absolute accuracy.!OpenDatabase&db=/global/seapr/seapr035.nsf&v=6313A&e=us&m=9F2&c=CBF971D15DA71ABCC1256AF8004C4A33