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RAB components in a UserControl


I've a simple FlexPendant project in VB.NET with VisualStudio 2005 and RAB 5.10.

When I try to insert an ABB RAB control i.e. a Button in a System.Windows.Forms.UserControl or System.Windows.Forms.Control VisualStudio returns me this error.

I've reinstalled the RAB and check all references but the problem is still there.

Any ideas?

Thanks  Gianluigi



  • Hi GigiM,

    Could you take a screenshot of the references like this:

    In the Solutions Explorer doubleclick the [My Project] node, then select the References tab

  • Sometimes you have an old project that "keeps" its references to the old version.
  • Hi John

    Here is a screenshot, but all seems to be correct..


    If I add the ABB button directly in the code by hand, when I open the designer of my usercontrol it returns this error 





  • OK

    In the same list, go through each reference and look in its properties.

    Check that
    [Specific Version], is FALSE
    and that the path points to an assembly of the correct version. (I've had a case where the reference path was to an old file which was then loaded)

    You could also, to make sure, Remove all references and then Add them again to the project.