Calibration offset

ABB 4400/60 s4

  • After the robot was crachd badley (axis 4 and 6 bend). I did the  calibration as in the manuel. Even than 2 of the axis are not in the right position, 4 and 6 are still a vew degrees out off position. I tried a second time whitout result, axis 4 and 6 are wrong position how is tis posible ? 
  • When it is no more posible to calibret the robot back to the orginal calibration offset. One or more axis are still out off positioning after calibration how can i creat a new calibration offset valuwe for the irb 4400/60 s4


  • jmacjmac Sweden

    You need the calibration equipment to make a new fine calibration.

    // Janne ABB Service - V?ster?s image

  • Thanks Janne for your help with an answer to this one!

    As you know we focus on software at this forum but it is ofcourse excellent if we can help eachother with all kinds of questions!

    Best regards

    /Ulrika Mor?n

    Support Engineer M. Sc.


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