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Tutorial Files

I have a customer who just purchased RS and was going through the QuickTeach Manual and it mentions loading some files from the following folder:

C:Program FilesABB RoboticsTutorial

Apparently this folder does not exsist.  I do not see it in my interanal installation of RS and I am wondering if this is a misprint in the manual or if the material is located in a different folder.

Any help would be greatly apprecieated.

Kind Regards,
Steve Phelps

Kind Regards,
Steve Phelps


  • Dear Steve,

    Please excuse this terribly late answer.

    Unfortunately your customer has found a part of the documentation that hasn't been updated correctly. The folder "Tutorial" has been removed. (I have reported this to our documentation team.)

    To test an EIO.cfg file please use the following.





  • We have just purchased Robot Studio and the Quick Teach documentation still refers to the tutorial.

    This is 3 years later and it has not been corrected.

    I have wasted at least an hour ,rechecking the install.

    Thanks for the zip file anyway.


  • correction to my last post ,it should have read "This is 1 year and 3 months later".

    Maybe they printed a lot of manuals though they could add a sheet of loose paper listed corrections to the documentation.

    It's koind of offputing trying to learn something and getting stalled over something that should be simple.

    Appreciate the forum though.