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How to change the program pointer


I saw in a recent topic (SetProgramPointer), oscar_f try to use the method SetProgramPointer(...) which belongs to ABB.Robotics.Controllers.RapidDomain.Task.

In my case, I can't see (in the object browser for example) and use this method (if I try, I have a compiler error). I can only see (and use) the method ResetProgramPointer() which is quite limited, and the property ProgramPointer which is ReadOnly.

So, how can I set the ProgramPointer at the beginning of a routine for example. Is it normal that I can't see the method
SetProgramPointer ?
I use RAB 5.10 and Visual Studio 2005, my project is a Windows Application and I have references on ABB.Robotics and ABB.Robotics.Controllers.



  • Hello Herv?,

    SetProgramPointer is not yet available in the PC SDK. That is why you do not see it. I agree that the functionality ought to be there, and it will be in RAB 5.11, which is planned for the end of September 08. Until then, you cannot set the program pointer to a routine, but only to the beginning of the main routine.




    Best regards,

    Ingela Brorsson
    Software Engineer
    ABB Robotics, Sweden
  • As a workaround you could have a variable in the main proc, that then have a check that through RAPID starts the PROC you want to go to.

    So PCSDK sets the procedure variable and resets the PP to main and starts production. Then in the main RAPID checks the procedure variable and calls the corresponding one.

  • Hello Ingela and John,

    Thank you for your replies.
    John, I can use your solution until version 5.11, even if it's not as flexible as SetProgramPointer. Probably I will to unload and loads program to switch between "maintenance programs" and "production programs", because "maintenance programs" are always the same but not "production programs".