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Remove object from conveyor


I have station in RobotStudo 4 with conveyor and I want to grip object and release it outside conveyor = object is no more move with conveyor.

Is in RobotStudio any solution???

Thank you for ideas image


  • Anders S


    If the part is added to the conveyor, is it not a good idea to grip and release it with the robot. Because the conveyor setup will then be destroyed.

    Best regards,
    Anders Spaak
    ABB Robotics
  • Miki
    So in RS 4.0 is impossible to simulate something like...that parts are coming by conveyor and i want to move it by robot to box (pack it) or move it out of conveyor??? image

    Moving only on conveyor (grip,relase) is working without problems...Miki2008-3-16 14:51:47