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Adjusting Intelink Polling Rate [WebWare SDK]

In Webware 4.7SP1 is there a way to change the Interlink polling?<?:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

In older versions (before 4.0) the Interlink polling rate could be set to a value below one second.  We have multiply systems running Windows 2000 and Webware 3.2 that have the Interlink polling rate set to 200 ms.  These PC's relay several of the IO signals to other pieces of hardware via a pre-existing Ethernet interface.  

Since the customer wants to upgrade the PC's and O/S to Windows XP it looks like we need upgrade them to at least Webware 4.6.  According to the Webware documentation the polling rate is now fixed to between 1 and 10 seconds based on configuration.  This would kill our customer's production time!  Is there any way in 4.6 or 4.7SP1 to set the Interlink polling rate down to 200 ms like in previous versions?



  • Hi (John back from a couple of weeks in NZimage)

    The interlink polling rate can still be set in all versions after 4.7. 

    In the S4 profile you can set it directly.

    Or open up the *.pff file and you will find this line:
    edit the value and save. (If the value is below 200 it is treated as the default of 1000ms)

    Where in the documentation did you find that the poll would be fixed between 1-10 seconds?

  • Thanks, I just misunderstood the documentation.  I was looking at the "Device Configuration Utility" documentation.  Specifically, the section called "Configuring Poll Delay and Sleep Delay" for the Interlink monitor.  The command line setting are in seconds not milliseconds.  The "How to Configure Tuning Parmeters" also lists everything is seconds.

    While the documentation does list how to adjust the polling for the S4 controller, I could not find any information on adjusting it for the IRC5 controller.

    So I guess my original question should have been how do you adjust the Webware/Interlink polling rate for an IRC5 controller? 

    MikeH2008-5-21 22:38:24