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Problem with interrupt


I have problem with interrupt in program.
I have in program (...ITimer 0.3,timeint;...).
When I want time put in less than 0.3 a program doesnt run and on display teachpendant some error.
Is is possible that firmware is old?

Thanks for all reponses:-)
radek.p2008-4-4 19:32:47


  • Henrik Berlin

    Hi Radek,

    See excerpt from RAPID manual below, where it is stated that the minimum time is 0.25 seconds which what you already have observed.



    ITimer [ Single ] Time Interrupt

    [ Single ]

    Data type: switch

    Specifies whether the interrupt is to occur once or cyclically.
    If the argument Single is set, the interrupt occurs only once. If the argument is omitted, an interrupt will occur each time at the specified time.


    Data type: num

    The amount of time that must lapse before the interrupt occurs.
    The value is specified in seconds. If Single is set, this time may not be less than 0.05 seconds. The corresponding time for cyclical interrupts is 0.25 seconds.


    Data type: intnum

    The variable (interrupt identity) of the interrupt. This should have previously been connected to a trap routine by means of the instruction CONNECT.

    Henrik Berlin
  • OK, doesnt less than 0.25.

    Thanks H.B.