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Running VBA code via Eventtable


I made a station with VBA code controlled from the robotprogram by using the eventable with simple robot outputs.

The event works as follows:

a) simple attachments and deattachments,

b) moving object by use of timers ccrp timers,

I had done this exercise a couple of times before, but this time it won't work.

The simple attachments can be executed from the I/O simulator

The timer controlled events can only be managed through the VB editor, when I try to run it in the I/O simulator nothing happens.

(no error code ). The structure of the code is as usual (I just use copy and paste, change the subs.

Hop you got some ideas.






  • When the Event Table executes code it will run it as a macro only. That is, the event table holds the simulation, runs the macro, then starts the simulation again.

    So timed events will be lost when run from the Event Table.

    The only way to get around this is to put timed events into a simulation-controller just like when simulating periferal equipment like an elevator or a door.

    Like this:

    Private Sub Controller_AfterTick(ByVal Time As Double)
        If myTime > Time Then
            'do stuff
        End If
    End Sub


    You could also do this for an IO signal:

    Private Sub Controller_AfterTick(ByVal Time As Double)
        Dim myIO As IO
        Set myIO = ActiveStation.ActiveMechanism.Controller.IOs("do1")
        If myIO.Value = 1 Then
            'do stuff
        End If
    End Sub

    So fi you combine the two criteria you could have a timed event triggered by an IO signal in the simulation-controller.


  • Hello leamus,

    I don't agree with John that you can't use the ccrp-timer together with the eventtable. If you set up a ccrp-timer you can enable and disable it from a macro that you trigg with a event in the eventtable. See the attached station how you can do it (start the macro "SpeedControl" in the Station). The attached station require that you have the ccrp-timer in your PC (it is also attached). Your problem could depend on that RS can't find all your IOs (have happend me sometimes). To check that you can run this Macro (the IOs will be displayed in the Output window). A restart of the VC normally solves this.

    Sub CheckIOs()
    Dim VC As Controller
    Dim IO As IO

    Set VC = ActiveStation.ActiveMechanism.Controller
    For Each IO In VC.IOs
        Call ActiveStation.PrintLog(IOs, IO.Name)
    End Sub



    Best regards,
    Anders Spaak
    ABB Robotics