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Hi everyone!

Well, i'm trying to get a "sat" surface with the paint robots, specially the IRB5400-12 (or in RobotStudio IRB5400-02), because i've some problems with the video application of RobotStudio, and i would like to prove it with another 3D software.

I've looking for them on the Paint Area, in Inside ABB web, and i didn't find anything, only CAD modelsimage. Do you know where can i find them?

Thank you for your time!



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  • Hi Jordi,

    A somewhat similar topic can be found on the link below:

    But to answer your question, the answer is that they (pretty sure) can't be found. The *.sat files of the robots are not included in the library, nor can the downloadable CAD models be attached/inserted/linked to the library models.

    But may i ask what kind of difficulties you encounter when using the video capture option? Are some entities/surfaces "disappearing" while the robot moves, or when the view changes? If that's the case you might want to toggle "Backface culling". You can find it under: tools>options>graphics 

    Good luck!

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