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irc5 for robotsudio

Can i get orc5 for robotstudio 3.1 and where can i get it.




  • Hi,

    I'm afraid that the IRC5 won't ever be supported by RS3.1. Another version of RobotStudio (for the IRC5 controller) will be released in the near future. So I guess it's currently under development...

    Quoting Jonas Anselmbly:

    For the new generation controller (IRC5) we will release a new RobotStudio family.
    The today planned products in the RobotStudio family are:
    - RobotStudio Online
    - RobotStudio

    With RobotStudio Online you work online with your controller. It is optimized for
    - create system,
    - manage installation and commissioning,
    - configuration data management,
    - RAPID data management.
    No 3D graphics, only online. (compare this product with RobInstall)
    RobotStudio Online is a second "Teach Pendant", it can be connected to the controller as the FlexPendant.

    The new RobotStudio for IRC5 is comparable to the RobotStudio of today. RobotStudio for IRC5 will support MultiMove robot cells.

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  • Hi

    Like Melk point out there will be a new version of Robotstudio for IRC5.

    What you can buy though is VIRC5 (Virtual IRC5) which is QuickTeach for IRC5 so that you can try out the IRC5 concept before you get the real controller.

    Virc5 includes

    - The 3d graphics view

    - RobotStudio Online (build and configure your system)

    - Virtual FlexPendant.

    On the new FlexPendant you can also develop you own custom screens by using Robot Application Builder (which is anothere product you can buy) together with Visual Studio.NET and then it's very handy to have VIRC5 so that you can test your custom screens offline.

    Have attached a screenshoot of VIRC5 with a custom operator screen running on the FlexPendant so you will be able to see how it looks.

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