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Mechanical Cut User Guide

Can anyone tell me if there is a User Guide for Mechanical Cut (PDF Form), like the ARCWELD PowerPAC??

I have search a number of sources but with no success.

Thanks in advance.


Andy B


  • Hi,

    A *.chm-file is included in the Mechanical Cut PowerPac. It's installed automaticaly. Although this might not be a PDF-file or a printed manual, it is basicaly the same. You can compare it with the *.chm-file which comes with RobotStudio itself. When you compare that file with the manual of RobotStudio, you'll find that they both contain the same information.

    The *.chm-file for Mechanical Cut can be found here:

    ...Program FilesABB RoboticsAddinsMechanical CutMechCut.chm

    Or you can download it from here:

    Good Luck Wink

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