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Dear All,

My robot system is IRB4400-M2004 and robot controller IRC5, Robot Ware V5.07 4002 that is installed in 3 months ago, another PC is installed by Robot Studio Online. Normally all system run stability, however after my friend do some tasks on studio online, the start up sequence is fault, more detail:
I start up robot controller again by switch on, after Boot Loader runing, a screen on Flex Pendant appears Boot Application box with 4 buttons: Install System, System Setting, Select system and Start Controller. I choose Start Controller button but the start up sequence still stop at Boot Application box.
So I would like ask all of you:
1. What is wrong with start up sequence?
2.  Is there any problem  with  robot controller?
3.  Do I need to instal system again? If so how to do it?
I refered on Trouble Shooting Manual and saw that we can Install System by USB but I don't what does it mean?. In restart type I saw there are 5 different way to restart such as B, I, P, X, C and which one i could choice to restart again?
Any one known this problem please show me. Many thank for your help



  • Hi kiet,

    have you selected a installed system on the boot application? If not the controller will not start.(push the "Select System" button and choose your system)
    Install a system by USB: it means you can install a system from a USB storage stick (you need a backup of your system on this stick to install the system by the boot application)

  • Sorry Gowik, I'm a newbie of industrial robot so can you explain more detail what you say. Anyway i would like to say thank for your reply.
    Let I describes detail: My robot system is running OK both Robot controller and Robot Studio Online, normally when we switch ON/OFF robot controller, start up sequence will run up to a main ABB Robot interface appear. However after my friend do some tasks on RS Online, now when switch ON/OFF robot controller, a start up sequence will be stop at Boot Application screen.
    As your question I have already select Install System button, so I would like ask you what happen with my robot system? Please explain more detail
    Next what could I do? and how to solve that problems?


  • Hi kiet,

    please appologize me for my late answer, but I was on vacation for a couple of days.
    What for changes did your friend take before the system goes wrong?

    You can try to install a new system from your backup files. After the installation and when it works, you should delete the old system by boot application (X- Start).

  • I already ask him but he cannot remember exactly what he done so now I have to do my self. For my problem, I already checked in RS online to fine out back up system but it is empty. So I want to ask you could I create a new system on RS online? I try to create a new system but it request key-string? What is it? How to get it?
    If yes please show me how to do it. Many thank for your help
  • image

    hi, kiet. Do you mean this key string request? (like the image above?)

    if yes, you can find it in a letter that named robotware key ( sorry, i can't send you the picture). There are 2 letters that named robotware key. one contain more longer key (there are control module key text in bottom side). others contain drive module key (the shorter one)

    fill the longer key to controller key -- next -- and the shorter one to the drive key -- press the arrow button to add it to added drive key column -- next -- next -- if you have create the parameter, select the parameter ,*.cfg> -- finish.

    now you have the new system

    PS: you can get the two letter inside the box when you buy the controller ( inside the pink plastic -- maybe it called customer document )

    hope it helps..

    Good luck.

    indah carmila
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