Error with Interlink [WebWare SDK]

We are making the programa in Visual Basic and every so often we are a similar error to "The instruction 0x78465c41 uses the memory by heart 0x00000010. The memory can't be "writen" ".

This error sometimes happens executing the program but others programing without executing the program.

Help me, please image

Many thanks


  • Hello Olatz,

    Could you please provide us with the following information:

    1. Which version of Webware SDK are you running?
    2. How do have Interlink registered, as an in-process service or out-of-process server?
    3. Describe the configuration of robot, i.e. BaseWare version, software options, robot type, etc.
    4. What is the nature of the SDK application? Is it running when the problem occurs? If possible please send your VB or VC++ project.
    5. Do you have any other ABB Software running on the same machine?
    6. Any other that you think might be useful.

    Anders Dannberg
    ABB Automation Technologies
    Support Engineer

  • Hello Anders,

    1. I have Webware SDK 3.2.

    2. Interlink is registered as service.

    3. The robot is a ABB  IRB4400 F-60 with FactoryWare, Ethernet FTP, Profibus DP slave, ...

    4. The application this made in visual basic and it consists on modifying the robot's variables and to visualize the content of others. The error sometimes gives it interlink, other VB. When it is given by interlink the program continuous communicating.

    5. I don't have any other ABB software working.

    6. The program also communicates with a PLC Siemens via opc


  • Hello Olatz,

    1. Would it be possible to test your application with Interlink 4.0.437.  This version has several improvements and bugfixes. This can be downloaded and installed on a production (not a development machine) machine without having to install a new license.

    2. Is interlink crashing when the SDK application is doing anything specific, for instance when using a specific method like S4ProgramStringVarWrite or similar?

  • Hello Anders:


    Forgive me for not answering before, but I have been very tied.

    Where I can get the new version of the SDK?

    PInterlink cracks in any moment, even if not this the program executing.

  • Hello Olatz,

    You can download WebWare SDK from SolutionsBank or Premium Services site.


  • I have Webware 4.0 running on my ABB 1400 and I have to restart the Interlink service quite frequently which is a real pain in the X. It just crashes even though the application just sits there doing nothing. And the robot the same.

    It was so anoying so I have put a temporary button in my GUI which restarts the Interlink service. Not I good solution but it works in my development environment.

    Would hope for some advice because it's going to production soon.



  • Please provide us with the following information:

    1. Does the robot and Interlink crashes occur at the same time?
    2. A robot backup (including the logs with the robot crash)
    3. Please provide us with information of the Interlink configuration
    for the affected profile (from all tabs in DCU).

    It would probably be better if you send this problem report, which sounds relatively severe, to the official support channel. Here it will be logged and documented.

    Anders Dannberg
    ABB Automation Technologies
    Support Engineer

  • Hello:

    Now I have installed the version 4.0.

    I sometimes continue having the previous error and I also have this other error (with the old version also):

    -536 An internal InterLink error has been detected. Contact ABB Customer Service with the details.

    when these errors happen I have to leave and enter since in the program again, he stops me to communicate with the robot

    Thanks, Olatz

  • I just managed to crash interlink again now, it crashed as soon as I took out the network cable...

    Instruction at "0x0044136f" referenced the memory at "0x0000001b" bla bla bla.... The memory could nnot be read.

  • RussD
    RussD United States

    If you are able to duplicate this problem, you should report it to the Support Team directly at [email protected] so that it can be studied and resolved.


    Russell Drown