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Can I move the track with locking TCP

Merry Christmas everyone.

In RS I can move trackmotion with lock TCP.

Can I move like that in real robot?

Which function should I use in teach pendent?

Sungwoo Jung


  • Merry Christmas and a good 2005. image

    Yes, you can. Make sure that the IRB is in world coordinates in the jogging window, before you switch the mech unit to the track. Now, if you move the track, the TCP will stand still in the world. If you set the robots coordinates to base, the TCP will be moved with the track.

    The robot's baseframe must be configured to be moved by the track.



    :) Regards,
  • Thank you for your kind answer.

    But I can't move the track like that.

    In the jogging window, world, base, and  tool coordinates

    work in the same way. TCP is moved in the world.

    Could you show me how to configure robot's baseframe in the teach pendant?


    Sungwoo Jung
  • Hello,

    I don't know the details of your installation, but in the real robot the robots baseframe must be configured to be moved by the track. One way to do this is to export the moc file of both the real and the virtual controller and compare them.

    Beware of the fact that the baseframe must be calibrated for the real robot (the virtual controller is calibrated from the model data, but your real robot will not be completly the same as the virtual one).

    Beware also of the fact that your programmed location will change, since the track axis will not only be stored as an external axis value, but will also be added to for instance the x-axis value of the target location.

    I think that it is best to turn to the company that installed the robot at your site the have the track acting as an integrated axis.

    There are also ABB manuals that describe setting up the external axis (I don't have an English version, sorry). Maybe your local ABB contact can help you with that.

    :) Regards,