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PAServices in RS

Hello Ladies & Gentlemen!!

Well, i've got a big problem: i'm in a project with four IRB5400_12 with IPS and PAServices Medium Package image (ver. 3.1.41 3HNA00083-001.01). When I try to simulate my controller, everything it's ok until it initializes: then it gives me some errors of unknown parameters (like someone said "kernel"). I've been in contact with support department of NOFAC, and they have said to me that the reason is the nodes of IPS (and PAServices) are not simulated in RS or in Quickteach, so PA main task can't run.

I know that some people in France had simulated something similar because of Standard Renault and DispensePack Application, so i would like to know if exists any kind of path or application to simulate PAServices in RobotStudio.

Thank you very much, and best regards from Spain!!

I don't know what to say..