WW-SDK as IRC5-SDK? [WebWare SDK]

Tedenljung Sunnemo, Sweden ✭✭

Just have a short question about license for WebWare SDK.
Are you going to release WW-SDK for free in future release like IRC5-SDK?

It would be nice!


  • Hello, here's a short and disheartening answer to your question: 
    - I could see that free would be nice from a user perspective, but there are currently no such plans!
    // GA?ran Holmqvist, ABB Robotics   gholmqvist2008-10-14 16:23:46
    Göran Holmqvist
  • Tedenljung
    Tedenljung Sunnemo, Sweden ✭✭
    Hello ABB!

    I ask you again about releasing WW-SDK to the community of programmers for free.
    If I have understand it right, ww-sdk is now is a "dead" product, no more development, right?

    If so, change the license and make a note in license that there is NO SUPPORT and put a link to this forum. Then can the users help etch other.



  • Hello Daniel,

    Thanks for charring your point of view. WebWare SDK 4.9 was however just recently released and the product will remain available for purchase. Even if there currently are no new planed releases and the prospect for future RobotWare or Windows Vista support is limited, support for the product "as is" will remain for some years. 

    The interest for WebWare SDK as a "spare part" in order to build application to the installed base will remain for some time, while Robot Application Builder will supersede WebWare SDK for the IRC5 Controller. 


    BR /GA?ran
    Göran Holmqvist