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S4Restore without starting controller [WebWare SDK]

I have called the S4Backup and transfered the files from the controller to my PC. I want to be able to restore the backup (via S4Restore) but not affect the controller other than pushing the backup to a folder on the device.
The help on S4Resore says:

"After the restore is completed, the controller is automatically restarted."


I do not want to have it start, just put the backup set on the controller.

Is there a way to do this?



  • Let me clarify on what I am doing.  I want to do a manual copy of the backuped files(via S4Backup) back to the device with affecting the device's "in memory" files or the current operation of the device.

    If I do a manual copy of the backup to the device, would I be missing any files/vars/etc versus the call to S4Restore?
  • You can just use the file transfer capabilities to copy the entire backup archive to the robot flash disk, then have the user manually restore the backup using the built-in Restore functionality, if you desire.

    Ultimately, however, the controller must be restarted if the backup is restored, primarily because the configuration database gets rebuilt and reloaded (even if it is identical to the existing one I believe).


    Also, the program server may need to be restarted (P-Start) depending on the RAPID code that is restored by the backup. The system takes care of all of this for you.


    I'm not sure that I understand the aversion to having the controller restart...
    Russell Drown