Put system in New Flash drive

I bought new flash memory card and want to put new system into it.  How to do this ?
It is just showing message as connecting to RobotStudio.



  • You should create a system from a backup of an old system unless you know all the settings on your robot. The system will update the new one with the latest information while retaining your settings. You can just go to system builder and then say create from backup, select the save directory to desktop or something and then copy it from there to your flash. I was previously working on RS v.10 and Rs 2008 and I want to upgrade the system on the controller. My flash disk works properly all the time except when I try to load a new system, it says there is an error with the flash disk and that I must check it. Check if you are experiencing similar problems
  • Hi is there anyone who can tell me whether I need to upgrade the system on the controller now that I have moved from 5.10 to 5.11? If so, do you have any advice about the flash disk problem mentioned above? I 've tried a 2Gb, 1Gb and a 512Mb disk and it says the same thing..

  • RussD
    You can't just stick any compact flash drive in there and expect it to work, you need to have one that provides "dual-mode" support. Roughly, this means that the disk is capable of operating in either fixed-disk mode or removable mode. You need one that operates in fixed mode, which only higher end units typically do. You can look on the web sites of most manufacturers and read the specs of the disks make the determination. Finally, you need to copy a disk image to the disk so that the boot application is present so that a system can be downloaded to the controller. If you don't know how to do any of this you would be better off contacting ABB for support.
    Russell Drown
  • Archana
    Thank you for help
  • Good day!
    I am facing an issue that the current IRC5 controller CF card is full (256 MB). 
    I have obtained Transcend CF220I Industrial (supports dual-mode) with 512MB capacity. 

    Is there an ABB software utility or guide that helps to clone the CF memory card with all partitions?

  • lemster68
    Why is the card full?  Have you taken any measures to free up space?  I.e., delete old backups, modules which are not needed, etc.,
    Lee Justice