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5.04-5.05 App. Migration Issues-updated

Update-from my experience, it may be easier to start over from scratch with a new 5.05-based app generated by the AppWizard. The problem below was the first of several additional issues that developed.

It would be nice if someone could publish an upgrade guide that describes fixes for all of the new errors that arise during a migration.


The TpsView attribute now specifies two specific icons for an application, stABBMenuImagePath and stABBTaskbarImagePath, rather than the 5.04's single imageName value.

If you open an existing 5.04 project after upgrading,you will recieve an error message stating that the "Overload resolution failed because no accessible 'New' accepts this number of arguments".

If you add the value "tpu-Operator32.gif" (the default that is added by the Wizard) immediately after the Application Name parameter, the error should go away.



: ABB.Robotics.Tps.Taf.TpsView("TpsViewIRC5App1 application", "tpu-Operator16.gif", "TpsViewIRC5App1.dll", _
"TpsViewIRC5App1.TpsViewIRC5App1", StartPanelLocation.Left, TpsViewType.Dynamic)
Assembly: ABB.Robotics.Tps.Taf.TpsView("TpsViewIRC5App1 application", "tpu-Operator32.gif","tpu-Operator16.gif", "TpsViewIRC5App1.dll", _
"TpsViewIRC5App1.TpsViewIRC5App1", StartPanelLocation.Left, TpsViewType.Dynamic)>

Russell Drown


  • Hi Russ,

    yes, this change is not mentioned in the readme (for some reason), only mentioned in the documentation. But if you have a "big" FP application build on 5.04, I wouldn't start from scratch. You have to rename some of the classes and thier methods/properties (as described in the readme). One of our partners has quite a big application and he was up and running within maybe an hour after upgrading...

    best regards




  • That makes sense, but it really needs to be documented by someone. I've spent way too much time trying to get these applications to run to hack my way through.

    Russell Drown