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S4Restore "DirName" Help correct? [WebWare SDK]

I want to call the S4Restore after I have manually transfered files to the HDD on the controller side.  The HELP says that the "DirName" field is for a new directory to be created on the memory device.  Is this correct? If so, and S4Restore does get files from some "configurable" or "internal" folder, where do I get that so I can transfer the files into the proper area?

Web Ware SDK 4.8.0163



  • RussD
    I think that's a copy/paste error, it should probably "read the directory that contains the backup set". In the object browser, does the method signature match the help in terms of parameters, if not in description?
    Russell Drown
  • sarnold688
    No mention of it in the VB Object Browser for S4Restore.