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Interlink port#? Conflict with Outlook [WebWare SDK]

When interlink.exe starts, my Outlook fails to send/receive.

Is there a port# its listening on, etc, that is causing this?

If I kill it in taskmanager, Outlook begins to work.


Using WebWare SDK 4.8



  • Never heard of this before.

    Are you connecting to a controller over the Internet?


    Interlink is using different ports to communicate.
  • not connected to any controller. interlink.exe starts running as a service (no SDK apps running). Outlook send/receive ports used are 995,587.  Not sure of any other ports Outlook may use.

    How can I view or modify the port# it is working on?
  • Remove  any old robot aliases, then Interlink should not start.

    You can also set the startup type to Manual on the Interlink service and then stop it.

    To see which ports are used try a port monitor program.