Visible/Invisible Properties don?t work

RussDRussD United States

I am trying to hide some controls and display other controls within a click event by changing their Visible properties, but I cannot get the controls that I am trying to display to show. Any ideas?

I have tried invalidiating and refreshing the controls themselves, their container (TabPage), and the form itself. This behavior also happens with either the Windows or RAB version of controls where applicable.

I need a workaround for this!


Russell Drown


  • Hi Russ

    I do have a application where I make button's visible/unvisible.
    Question are you creating the controls in runtime or in design time?
    If you have an example of your code that isn't working that would be good to see.


    Per Svensson
    Company Specialist
    ABB Automation Technology Products
  • RussDRussD United States

    Nevermind, I did something stoopid.

    Russell Drown
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