Create curve from path

Petri Finland ✭✭

I want export path (in my case cutting geometry) out of RobotStudio to other 3D programs, is that possible? Some how create curve from path? Confused





  • Petri
    Petri Finland ✭✭

    I answer to my self, in case somebody else is having same problem.

    You can create curve from path by using curve tools in RS, create line or arc target to target until you have complitet whole path. It is slow but I havent find better way.


    So to endless wish list what to do in the future releases

     eysyer way to do that.Wink



  • Luxrobotic
    Luxrobotic Luxemburg
    Hi everybody,

    I have the same request as Petri, is ther another way to create a curve from a path?

    I found the command "Border from points" in the Modeling tab.

    In the "Border from points" tool box I've added all the coordinates, selected the body of an existing curve, and clic on "Create", but I didn't succeed to create my curve.

    Thanks you


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