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Feature Request - GTPU MessageBox

It would be useful to be able to size GTPUMessageBoxes, and in general have more control over their behavior.

It would also simplify matters if the NumPad behaved more like the AlphaPad. For instance, why can it not be displayed as needed to get input then hidden again. I would rather not have to add a whole form class just to accomplish this feat.

Just out of curiosity, is anyone from SEROP reading these posts?

Is there a roadmap or schedule that we could see to know when features will be implemented?

I would like to know what is "on the horizon" so that I could avoid wasting time by posting feature requests for things that are already planned. Feel free to respond offline if you would like.

Russell Drown


  • Hello Russell,

    Yes, we are monitoring the RAB forum from SEROP.

    Feature requests can be sent directly to Pernilla Stake, the Product Manager for Robot Application Builder.

    E-mail: [email protected]

    Anders Dannberg
    ABB Automation Technologies
    Support Engineer