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Where to Download

I am unable to see the download on the link provided. Was it taken down?


  • The ScreenMaker 5.11 CTP has not yet been posted for download.  We are awaiting the final build for 2 problems that really affected the usability of the product. 
    It should appear on the Downloads site by Friday afternoon.
  • The ScreenMaker 5.11 CTP is now available on the Downloads page.

    Please try it out and let us know how it goes.


  • Unfortunately I'm unable to use it because I do not have Robot Studio 5.11, I am stuck using 5.10 because of the network license issue.  dh_custompak2009-01-09 16:01:31
  • You have to upgrade the RS to 5.11.....Try to download the RS 5.11 from

    ask for a license through license wizard ( if you have license then directly use)..Then load Screen maker and try to use...


    Note : Try to use a clean PC



    sunil sabut2009-01-12 07:18:17
    Sunil Sabut
    India Corporate Research
    ABB - India
  • There is no network license for RS 5.11, I can not upgrade because my company has purchased a network license not a single station license. It's not an issue of not being able to use 5.11. It's an issue with the actual software in our case. I have been waiting months for ABB to release an update so we can actually update our software.


    I hope they release this update soon to fix the network license soon, I am very anxious to use this software.


    For reference :



    this is my issue
    dh_custompak2009-01-12 16:49:23