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First project


I made the first short project with SM5.11 with RS5.11 VC

the project was succesful built and downloaded

but on the virtual flex pendant i have this error.

see the attacched file  Cry



  • Hi Paolo
    This seems to be a problem of "FlexPendant Interface option" and "PC Interface option"  not avaliable with the system you are working on VC. So what you can do is try to modify the system from System builder and check the "PC Inteface option(616-1)" and "FlexPendant Interface Option(617-1)". Then probably the screen maker application you can try .....



    Otherwise alternatively try the following steps


    1. Create a System from System Builder (Online Tab) of Robot Studio 5.11


    2. while creating please ensure that you select the PC-Interface option(616-1) and FlexPendant Interface option (617-1) form Modify options menu while creating system from Online.


    3.Then Go to Robot Studio Home tab and creat new station ...use " Existing system" template then select the system you have created from system pool (Now your VC is ready)


    4. Now you  try to create the Screen Maker application and see if your application works.
    sunil sabut2009-01-13 06:05:19
    Sunil Sabut
    India Corporate Research
    ABB - India