WebWare Server 4.9 released! [WebWare Server]

Dear WebWare Server users,
WebWare Server 4.9 is now released and available for purchase.
Highlights of this release:

Support for RobotWare 5.11.01
Updated Microsoft Service Pack Support (Windows 2003 Server Sp2 and Windows XP Sp3)

See the Release Notes for a detailed description of what is new and solved.

Note, WebWare Server 4.9 requires a new dedicated license. Also, new from this release is the product distribution process strictly based on download.

ABB users
can download WebWare Server from ABB Library (http://inside.abb.com/library) or ABB SolutionsBank (http://solutionsbank.us.abb.com). License keys can be requested from the internal licensing page. There is a link to the internal licensing page in the WebWare area of ABB Library / ABB SolutionsBank.
GA?ran Holmqvist
Product Manager, WebWare

ABB Robotics Service
Göran Holmqvist
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