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Go on with project in Visual Studio .Net

Hi Everybody,

i only have a short question.


Is it possible to use and run/edit/develop the ScreenMaker project in Visual Studio, as this might be necessary sometimes when goin gdeeper into development....


If yes, how to do it?


If no, why not....


Thanks ahead for your answers.





  • Hi
    The Screen Maker Product itself is intended for Non-IT users ,those who are not confortable in computer Programming but some how knows how to program a Robot ( mainly factory technicians). Threfore it may be the reason for which It may not be possible to create screen maker application( screen) for use in VS/.Net environment instantly . Rather in contrast for developing applications using VS / .Net ,, FP SDK will be the right choice.

    What ever transaction (screens) you do in any Screen maker window , it generates the .cs ( C#) file automatically before building and the coresponding .dll after building, and the .cs files are always avaliable in :// C/documents and settings/users/my documents/ my screen maker projects/ projects/....The same .dll files are automatically deployed to controller, hence it has been made very user friendly and non dependancies in concept of Programming while creating screens. 


    Being a programmer you can always test your .C# code generated from the screen Maker application in the above location for cross verification.


    During screen development in some Controls in the screen Maker it is allowed to call the .Net methods created externally (but unfortunately that is not supported in the build you are using)



    // Sunil


    Sunil Sabut
    India Corporate Research
    ABB - India
  • Hi Sunil,

    first thanks for the fast response.

    Second, i already saw the code file with .cs but it is not possible to test it without the graphical part, wcich in fact is included normally in the .cs file within Visual Studio with RAB. Here it is stored in a different file, which couldn't be read....


    I remember an early state of the designated Product Manager, who stated that the project shall be editeable in RAB, which now in fact is not possible ???



  • The C# file from ScreenMaker contains all of the information necessary for the RAB.   One must manually create a RAB project and enter the necessary references but after that one can build and continue with the screens from RAB.   Note, that returning to ScreenMaker after manually editing the C# file is not going to work.
  • Hi Tom,

    You will also need to include the ScreenMaker dll files as references in your Visual Studio project.


    Let us know if this works for you


    Carlos Martinez