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Runs in Auto Only


I created a screen that has a switch and check box that turns on a virtual output. This output is cross connected to a second output that is displayed via a led. When I check or activate the switch the led lights. This only seems to work if the robot is in AUTO mode. If I change the mode to MANUAL the led does not work. I can use the I/O simulator to toggle the virtual output and the second cross connected output will change in MANUAL mode. This is only possible if the screen is closed. If the screen is open then changing the virtual output doesn't change the resultant. Any ideas why the screen interferes with the cross connect in manual?

Thank In Advance

Jim Proulx



  • Hello,

    The problem is actually in the data binding mechanism of the RAB in the 5.11.00 and 5.11.01 versions.  This is know and a fix is underway.


    The problem occurs in the tpsLabel and the multiple states bound to the digital output.  The data binding incorrectly resets the digital output to the initial state and not the current state.  


    The workaround (while waiting for RobotWare to fix the problem) is to bind to a digital input.  If the cross-connection, in your case, was to a digital input instead of a digital output, then the tpsLabel multiple state binding works.