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Windows crash while launching ScreenMaker


When I try to open ScreenMaker (by clicking on the launch button) my system crash and Windows go to a blue screen without a valid error message.


I have tried to fresh my system of any stranger app but the problem persist.


My system is a standard ABB Lenovo T61 running Windows Xp sp2 and RS 5.11.01 (i tried with 5.11.02 but ScreenMaker makes a error message about DLL version).


I have atached a error report from RS support tool but it don't have a RS error dump. I don't know if this could help, but I put Windows dump on the report.




  • Hello,

    Blue Screen crashes are a result of the following:
    1. Kernel bug in Microsoft OS,  (extremely rare!)
    2. Hardware problem (more common)
    3. Driver problem (very very common)

    ScreenMaker is a .NET application and by itself cannot crash Windows.  RobotStudio cannot either, except by triggering a hardware (typicallly memory) or a graphics driver bug.

    When ScreenMaker launches, it instructs RobotStudio to re-arrange the windows, RobotStudio does this by making calls to the graphics driver and the graphics driver runs deep inside the Windows kernel. 

    In the case with an ABB PC, the BCE image for the Lenovo machines almost always has older graphics drivers.   ABB IT does not like to update an image and the drivers are often several years old (with associated bugs).

    The recommendation is to do the following:
    1. Go to the Lenovo site and update the graphics driver for your builtin NVIDIA Quadro NVS 140M.
    2. See if changing RobotStudio graphics calls from DirectX to OpenGL (or vice-versa) helps the problem.

    Kind Regards,