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Suggestions on how to use Multiple Screens


ScreenMaker supports the ability to open and close many different screens.  The purpose of this post is to give suggestions on how to think about the screens and setting the actions when the buttons are clicked.


Primarily one should think of the screens as a tree-view with the Main Screen at the root of the tree and the sub-screens as branches:


Main Screen

   |-- SubScreen1

   |-- SubScreen2

             |-- SubsubScreen

   |-- SubScreen3


The buttons and the associated actions for the button_clicks in the Main Screen and the sub-screens allow navigation between the screens.


From the Main Screen one can add a button and under button_click event add the action that opens a sub-screen.   NOTE: it is not necessary to close the MainScreen !  The MainScreen always exists 'in the background'.

Similarly, when returning from a SubScreen to the MainScreen, it is only necessary to Close the subscreen.  The MainScreen will be automatically displayed.


This is also the concept for Sub-sub Screens where closing the lowest screen will return the display to the screen one level up the tree.  (Up to a limit of 5, and then there is a known issue with ScreenMaker).


Navigation from one sub-screen to another without first going up to Main will over time cause problems and is not supported (see the release notes for details).


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