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Open ScreenMaker Fault


One of my customers is trying to open ScreenMaker and is getting faults. Please see attached picture showing problem. Please advise.



Jim Proulx



  • I just got the same error after first getting another exception window.



    I use RS5.11.02 and SM5.11 CTP (2905.1101). I also have RAB5.11.02 installed on the PC.
    The first dialog says that the assemblies from 5.11.01 is missing.

    I suppose we need a SM5.11.02 build to make it work?
    Isn't possible to build SM to make it independent from minor revision mismatch of dependencies?

  • Hello Mats,

    I have RS 5.11.02 and SM 5.11.01 installed, no problem. The release Notes for SM explicitly says to remove RAB before using. Have you tried to remove RAB?


  • Have you launch succesfully after re-installing SM?

    Carlos Martinez
  • I have tried a couple of things and came to the same conclusion Jim wrote. SM 5.11.01 and RAB 5.11.02 doesn't like each other.
    Tried installing in different order, SM 5.11.01 first then RAB 5.11.02. No good.
    Tried the other way. No good.

    I can see that the GAC only holds one 5.11 version of the assemblies. The newest. And SM seem to be sensitive about it's version.


  • I will check on this scenario. No problem.


    For now, could you uninstall all SM and RAB versions. Then only install ScreenMaker. This installation should install RAB automatically (same version as SM).


    Let me know if this works.


    Carlos Martinez
  • Yes, that works. But it gives me RAB 5.11.01.  Not the latest and greatest 5.11.02.
  • Hi
    This has been already mentioned in the Release Note that" SM 5.11 CTP will only work with the special version of the RAB which is the part of Screen Maker 5.11 CTP executable (and in that context the pre-requsites are, you need to uninstall the existing RAB in your PC/Laptop if you have any and then load the SM 5.11 CTP which will automatically load the coresponding RAB necessary for SM). We are working on the automatic upgradation/update of RAB when SM installs, but it may not be avaliable for SM 5.11 CTP.

    sunil sabut2009-02-06 10:23:35
    Sunil Sabut
    India Corporate Research
    ABB - India