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Problem With Virtual Flexpendant



I am trying to test screen maker to read and write some values to rapid datas. When i try to test my application in virtual flexpendant i always get some errors(attached) expecially when trying to read a data.

But when i test my application in real flexpendant it works ok and i can read and write datas without errors. So i need to test my application in virtual flexpendant to develop something.

Does anyone have any ideas about this virtual flexpendant -screenmaker reading data problem?




  • Hello,

    This sound like an interesting issue.   If I understand correctly, it is working fine on the Real controller but not on the Virtual Controller. 


    Two items come to mind immediately:

    Easy check: check that the same RAPID modules exist on both the RC and VC


    Secondly,  you are clearly running the FlexPendant in Turkish.   There could be issues with the locale set on the PC that is runing the Virtual Controller.  Check the locale settings on the PC and the display language settings in the Virtual FlexPendant.    It may be a locale issue that is stopping the Virtual FlexPendant ScreenMaker application from reading the RAPID variables in the Virtual Controller.


    Kind Regards,



  • Thanks for answer. It was because of language settings.