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Flexpendant startup problem


I use the Robotstudio 5.11.02 and the Screenmaker 5.11 but not work.
When the flexpendant start, show that message:




rixmaia2009-02-20 20:29:10
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  • Hola,

    Did it work before?


    Do you have the Flex Pendant Option in your system?



    Carlos Martinez
  • Hello,

    Carlos is right, this type of error typically occurs when the FlexPendant Interface option is not installed in the Robot Controller or Virtual Controller.  This option is required.


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  •  Hi

     Just to elaborate the above answer's from Carlos and Steve


    try the following steps


    1. Create a System from System Builder (Online Tab) of Robot Studio 5.11


    2. while creating please ensure that you select the PC-Interface option(616-1) and FlexPendant Interface option (617-1) form Modify options menu while creating system from Online. (needs appropriate controller Key for these options)


    3.Then Go to Robot Studio Home tab and creat new station ...use " Existing system" template then select the system you have created from system pool (Now your VC is ready)


    4. Now you  try to create the Screen Maker application ( or open the existing Screen Maker application) and see if your application works.
    sunil sabut2009-02-25 16:46:06
    Sunil Sabut
    India Corporate Research
    ABB - India
  • Ops,

    I thought it worked as the applications created by the RAB...
    Thanks for all!


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  • In fact id does :) ..

    The  FlexPendant Interface option (617-1) allows a customized application (either RAB or SM) to run inside the system.


    The PC-Interface option(616-1) allows the ScreenMaker designer to access to the controller in order to connect data.




    Carlos Martinez
  • kioog
    kioog ✭✭
    so if i understand it right, the PC-interface is only necessary in virtual environment, not on the real robot itself for running the screens
  • Yup ...


    The PC-interface provides access to the controller data from an network PC connected. This option is needed by ScreenMaker only while you are designing the screens.


    At design time, if you want to access the controller data (either virtual or real controller)from the ScreenMaker designer, you need this option


    For running screens, you do not need this option.
    Carlos Martinez