Use With Robot Studio 5.10.03

Hello - Due to a software bug in RW 5.11 we need to use RW 5.10.03. Is there a way to make Screens from RS 5.11 ScreenMaker run on a RW 5.10.03 controller?

BR  Jim Proulx


  • Hi Jim,

    Which bug do you want to fix? There might be a workaround.


    Carlos Martinez
  • Hello Carlos,
    The bug in RW 5.11 is documented in PDD DSE8645. The robot does not properly jog robot axis with the stand-alone controller. This will be fixed in RW 5.12. The customer will need to use RW 5.10.03 until RW 5.12 is released. His project is due soon and would like to create screens using ScreenMaker.
  • Hi ... I thouhgh it was a Sm bug. Thanks for the info ..
    Carlos Martinez
  • Hello,

    The ScreenMaker 5.11 CTP supports only RW 5.11 and upwards.  RW 5.10 is unfortunately not supported as the 5.10 release does not have the required software in the FlexPendant to run and load the screenmaker dll's.


    Kind Regards,