editing project made in SM by hand


Hello All,
I have a following question:

Is it possible to edit project made in SM by hand? Say that I'd like to add some functionalities that cannot be done in SM. I belive that some informations are kept in .view files and that files are not editable. Is using external library the only solution?

Obviously I could do all code in RAB but I like the screen management mechanism implemented in SM by default. I'd like to avoid all the disposing stuff, too.

Thanks a lot for all replies.
jawojtek2009-03-04 14:02:53
Wojciech Wlodarski


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    The .view files are binary files. There are different ways to extend the SM functionality:


    - After making all your screens inside SM,, generate the c# files and create a VS.NET project. This is doable and it is planned to be automated in a future release


    - Create a user control with the functionality that you want to add, and add it to the ToolBox. In this version, this methodology is not fully documented and tested.


    I could support you in both scenarios.  Just remember that SM is still on a CTP status.


    Carlos Martinez


    Carlos Martinez